Welcome to Rhine Games!

21.May 2021 - 7 Min Read

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Hey and welcome to the Website of Rhine Games.
I'd like to start by saying: Thank you.

This is a big step for me. I have always dreamed of starting my own company and being independent. With Rhine Games, my dream is finally becoming reality.

For now, I can not work full time on the games you can see here. But I hope that with your support this will be a reality soon.

My Focus is VR. I think VR is the future and I want to show everyone around the world the possibilities with VR. That is why I want all of my games to work with VR.

My first Game, Train Chase, will be the base of this. I already learned a lot while working on my first game, and I already have plenty of ideas on how to improve!

I'm very excited for all the feedback and messages from you regarding Train Chase and I hope that you will enjoy your time with my game.

I am already in the steps of planning the next game ,and it is already becoming even better than the first game.

In Germany, we have a saying, roughly translated to "every beginning is hard".
So this is the beginning, this is the first step.
I am excited about what the future will bring!

Thank you for your time reading this!