Price Reduction & Update 2.1

04.Dec 2023 - 6 Min Read

Rhine, Games, Blog

Starting today, Train Chase will be permanently reduced to 6.99$ aswell as 50% reduced during the Steam VR Fest on Steam. In addition, a lot of changes have been introduced into the game.

A new Level based on the game Neon Valley Revenge arrives! Enter the mainframe and defeat all enemies!

Other Changes:

- Added Weapon Menu at the start of a story level
- Added new Blink Effect for Enemies
- Added new level based on the game Neon Valley Revenge
- Added Neon Weapon Skin
- Added Ammo Icon to Weapon Menu
- Quest 3 Controller Images
- Quest 3 now has improved graphics
- Quest 3 now has improved haptics
- Quest 3 running at 90 Hz

- Terrain should not change based on distance anymore
- Health of all enemies has been adjusted
- Enemy Hiteffect is now based on the remaining health
- Increased offset for Non-VR Dodging
- Added additional buttons to interact with the menu
- Improved Performance for Quest
- Fixed some Lighting issues on Turret and Train Wagons
- Grenade Launcher now deals more damage

New Issues
- Save Games System changed, resulting in a loss of the saves. Join the Discord Server and I'll help you