Update 2.2

24.Dec 2023 - 4 Min Read

Rhine, Games, Blog

Merry Christmas! A new Update has been pushed to Train Chase.

Here is the Changelog:

- Added Vignette and Vignette FOV Option
- Added new Rhine Games Logo
- Comfort Warning is now always facing the player
- Reduced MSAA for additional performance gains
- Points Text are now appearing less, but add up together
- Opening the pause menu now requires a tap
- MP5 Cooldown has been reduced
- Leaderboard size has been reduced to avoid the Scrollbar
- Both Weapons share now the same Ammo
- Improved Performance in Industry Level
- Improved Performance for Explosions
- Fixed Rating at the End of a Level not always working
- Fixed Wave Levels not unlocking
- Reduced Bullet Recovery Time, now gameplay should be much faster
- Fix Speed Effect not visible when not looking at it