New Logo and Branding

24.Dec 2023 - 5 Min Read

Rhine, Games, Blog

Merry Christmas!

At this special day we'd like to introduce our new Branding.
We've updated the Logo, Colors and Fonts.
The Logo represents the River Rhine, the origin of our name.
The Text has been refreshed and given a more modern look.
Both Text and Logo will be used from now on across all our appearances.

This change also comes with a new website design and new colors.
As you can see, we've already updated the colors here.
Those colors will be used from now on to represent our studio.

ALso, all our social platforms have already been updated with this new change to be consistent.

We hope you like our refreshed look.

With this we're going into the next year with a strong, modern and new look which will help the studio become more known.

We wish all of you merry christmas and a happy new year.