Train Chase BGM Update

06.Mar 2024 - 6 Min Read

Rhine, Games, Blog


I just pushed an update to all platforms, addressing feedback I received from people who started playing on PS VR2. Here is the changelog:


- All weapons are now automatic, so triggers can be held.
- New BGM Music and adjustable Music Volume.
- Fixed trucks not disappearing upon death.
- Fixed no enemy appearing in Wave Mode sometimes.
- Made the train faster when going down or at the end of the wave levels.
- Improved Bullet Time Detection.
- Improved Bullet Size for Visibility.
- Increased Screen Resolution for PS5.
- Fixed Customization not staying on Weapon.
- Added more Customizations.
- Added Turning for Seated Gameplay.
- Added Turning Options.
- Added Hit Shots Display to Pause Menu.
- Added a Restart Level Button at the end of a Level.
- Fixed issues with overlapping turrets or rockets in wave mode.

If you still have feedback or want to address an issue, please contact me on any social platform, Discord, Reddit, or via email.

I hope you like the new changes, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your impression while playing the game.