Plush Madness - Our latest Game

04.Aug 2021 - 5 Min Read

Rhine, Games, Blog


Today I want to present my latest Game, Plush Madness, coming 27th of August on Steam.

A summoning has gone wrong. Now the house and all plushies are possessed.
Can you make it through the maze, activate all symbols and defeat the demon?

Plush Madness is a Horror Fighting Game optimized for VR and playable for Flatscreen too.

In Plush Madness, you're fighting against various plushies.
Some look like Teddy Bears, some look like Rabbids and some like Cats.

Each Plushie has a different behaviour.

While going from room to room, you'll see symbols on the wall.
Activate them in the correct order to open the last door in the basement.

There you'll face the demon, defeat him to end the game.

I hope that you'll have fun with the latest game and I am already excited to share news about the next game!