Outbraking is postponed

19.Apr 2022 - 8 Min read

Rhine, Games, Blog


There has not been a lot of updates here and in the newsletter as I have been concentrating on the Discord Server.

As the game has already been postponed to the 28th of april, this is also not true anymore.

Over the weekend I've come to the realization that the game is still not in a good state to be played.
There is not enough content and issues which will make the game boring and can cause bad reviews on steam.
Hence I have also been doing little marketing, as I am not confident with the current state to show outside.

Also I've hit some technical limitations and issues in UE4 which are fixed by UE5, but are not accessible for me due to Oculus not supporting that Engine, yet!

Therefore I've decided to postpone the EA again this time without a specific date.

My intention is to get back to this once UE5 is fully supporting VR with Oculus and then for me being able to utilize all cool new features of UE5 (Most importantly: Better Vehicle Physics).

I might work on other games in the meantime, specifically reworking Train Chase and doing some needed improvements there.

For sure this doesn't mean that the game is cancelled, I'm still going to release and work on it.

You can expect a big reannouncement as soon as I hit a point where there is a lot to share about the game, but from now on the work will continue in the background.

I'm truly sorry but I still hope you'll stay around!